Free Thinking: Taking Mainstream Media Off the Air

This election cycle revealed many troubling changes within America. We saw how quickly we as a nation allowed ourselves to become divided, how many on both sides of the aisle are extremely willing to turn a blind eye to the flaws of their candidate and just how fragile the psyche of the American liberal is – which isn’t really breaking news to anyone.

Perhaps one of the biggest things this election cycle revealed, however, is how out of touch with the average American mainstream media has become.

Last night and all day today the mainstream media expressed shock at Trump’s victory. They couldn’t believe that Donald J. Trump had actually won the election for President of the United States of America.

But it couldn’t be that much of a shock, right?

Logically, the election revealed the majority of Americans wanted Donald Trump for their president and, yet, the shock and dismay was clear to see on most of the networks as they reported on each new state won for Trump.


Because the mainstream media is biased and largely reports what they want Americans to believe, not what is necessarily true.

While the mainstream media is reporting real news taking place and presenting accurate facts in most cases, it’s the way they present these stories and facts that subtly change the way the consumer absorbs the information.

They tell you what they want you to believe in such a way you think they’re presenting unbiased facts when it’s really anything but unbiased. It’s so subtle, you almost believe you came up with the idea yourself!

Had the mainstream media actually been listening to the American people, instead of trying to push their own biased agenda, this election wouldn’t have been such a shock to so many Americans. Most of us were so caught up with the predictions of the polls and skewed samples, we missed what actual Americans were saying.

As a consumer, there are several lessons to take away from this election cycle. First, keep your eyes wide open when consuming information from the media. Don’t just accept what is presented to you as truth; verify what they’ve said is actually true.

Second, don’t be afraid to have a different opinion from the mainstream media. They’ve gotten it wrong before and they’ll get it wrong again. All you can do is stand for what you know to be true.

Lastly, take time to unplug from the media once in a while, including social media. Get out in the real world and try to get a pulse on public opinion for yourself – you might be surprised at what you find!

Remember, media corporations are businesses and the business of media can’t turn a profit without a little controversy to help sell stories. If the world was perfect, there would be nothing to report. If there’s nothing to report, they don’t make a profit. Sometimes the media can exaggerate what might indeed be true in order to create more controversy to increase their sales.

Don’t let anyone dictate what you should think, believe or say; exercise your brain and think for yourself!

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