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Happy New Year: 5775

In my last post, I talked about YHVH’s timetable and how the Biblical New Year has begun! In this post, I would like to tell you a little bit about what we can expect from this coming year. The information from this post comes from the Hebrew numerology system called gematria.  This system assigns numerical value to letters in a word. Hebrew is a very intricate language. Along with having numbers assigned to each letter, there are also word pictures that correspond to each letter. So when you put the numbers and the word pictures together, you get a fuller picture of the word, or in our case the year, that you are studying.

Now that the new moon has been spotted and the month of Aviv/Nisan has begun, we have entered into the Biblical year 5775. Below is the gematria for this year. At the very bottom is the summary of the numbers and the word pictures.

50: faith, grace & mercy, ten times over

7: completeness; spiritual perfection

70: completeness; spiritual perfection, ten times over

5: faith, grace & mercy

“Complete completeness and spiritual perfection through faith, grace & mercy, ten times over.”


נ (nun): sprout; continue, heir, offspring, to continue

ז (zayin): weapon; to cut off, to cut

ע (ayin): eye; to see, know or experience

ה (he): man with raised arms; to look, reveal, breath

“The heir that continues despite the weapon that tries to cut off and keep the heir from knowing or experiencing completeness by being the man with raised arms.”

This is a year where the heir will reach the goal and YHVH’s plan for completeness only through complete surrender and worship. This is a year for praise and worship of our Father YHVH; of El Elyon (The MOST HIGH GOD). This is a year for spiritual victory. It is the fifth year in the decade and marks the half-way point. It is a year of faith, grace and mercy where YHVH gives us a respite from the battles and turmoil before we prepare to reengage with the enemy and finish the race set before us. It is a year to rest and regroup.

Just like the above picture, “The Winds of Change are Blowing!” Get ready to feel the Spirit move!