Standing Firm Against the Rise of Palestinian Violence

Fifteen years ago today, two IDF soldiers, Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami, accidentally passed an Israeli checkpoint and entered Ramallah. They were detained by Palestinian police only to have the police station overrun by an angry mob of Palestinians. What happened next is one of the most horrific acts of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The soldiers were beaten, stabbed, had their eyes gouged out, and were Ramallah Lynchingdisemboweled. At this point, the Palestinian pictured below appeared at the window and displayed his blood-soaked hands to the crowd which erupted in cheers. The crowd clapped and cheered as one of the soldier’s body was thrown out of the window and stamped on and beaten by the frenzied crowd. The other bid was set on fire. Soon after this, the crowd dragged the two mutilated bodies to Al-Manara Square in the city center as the crowd began an impromptu victory celebration. Palestinian police did not attempt to stop any of this violence but instead joined in the violence.

Fifteen years later, not much has changed. While there is rarely true peace in the Land, there has been a fresh wave of intensified violence from the Palestinians as the result of a call to violence from Hamas and the Palestinian government in the region.

There have been countless stabbings, molotov cocktails, car rampages, beatings, and attacks from the Palestinians against Jews — simply for being Jewish.

How can the world be silent on the wave of terror happening in Israel right now?! The people calling for and committing these acts of terror are sick and evil. How else could you explain murdering people in this manner with no regard for human life? It’s pure evil.

Take the video below, for instance. This Palestinian man uses his car as a weapon and bulldozes Jews walking down the street. Next, he gets out of his car and begins hacking at the people lying on the sidewalk with a butcher’s knife before being stopped by a pedestrian with a gun. Who does this?! How could any sane, good person do these things to another human being for no reason?

And yet, this is what the Jewish people have faced their entire existence. There has always been someone that wanted to destroy and exterminate Israel. And while there is nothing new under the sun, the one thing that has changed is you.

You are alive and here for such a time as this. You may not be able to do anything to change the past but you can surely do something to change the future. It starts with you standing for what is right and not backing down in the face of evil. When someone speaks against Israel, be ready with an answer and stand firm for what you know is true. Pray for Israel and her people’s safety and peace. Get on your face before YHVH and ask Him to protect and comfort His people.

YHVH’s promise to His people is that He will never leave them nor forsake them. He will comfort them from Zion. YHVH will defend and rescue His people! He will not forget them nor let them be destroyed! Try as they might, the enemy will never succeed in destroying God’s people! Remember, we do not fight against flesh and blood and that vengeance is God’s; therefore, prayer is our most powerful weapon right now. We should not be fearful but remember that YHVH will deliver His people from the hand of the enemy!

The time is now. Will you be ready to stand firm? Will you be willing to stand for truth? You can make a difference and you can help change the future. Let’s stand firm with our brother Judah during this time violence.

*WARNING: Some viewers may find the following content disturbing*