Super Bowl, Pelosi vs. Constitution, ObamaCare Killing Jobs, Shabbat

Hey Everyone!

This is the recording from February 6, 2014! This episode features headlines such as NFL Players Tweeting Support for ObamaCare, Nancy Pelosi’s Proposed Changes to the Constitution, and ObamaCare is a Disincentive for People to Work. The Torah Tidbits segment featured in this episode dealt with Shabbat. I discuss what Shabbat is, why it’s important to celebrate Sabbath, who does the sabbath apply to and how are we supposed to observe the sabbath.

I will also have a post up soon that is all about Shabbat! Hope you all enjoy!

P.S. The audio starts about at about 1:20 so don’t think there is an error if you don’t hear anything before that. It was supposed to be the sound of a shofar, but I guess it somehow didn’t end up on the recording.