Trump Boycotts Debate after Feud with Megyn Kelly

Ahead of tonight’s Republican Debate on Fox News, Donald Trump escalated his feud with Fox reporter Megyn Kelly. This childish feud started back in August 2015 at the first Republican debate when Kelly took Trump to task over derogatory statements he’d made about women. Trump – who prides himself on being tough, unapologetic, and politically incorrect – felt he was being unfairly targeted by the news channel and publicly criticized Kelly and the network.

Trump announced this week that he would boycott Thursday’s Fox News debate following a mocking Fox statement which suggested that Trump would replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers and that the leaders of Iran and Russia “both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly” if he becomes president.

Trump accused Kelly of being a “lightweight” and announced he will hold a completing fundraiser instead of attending the debate.

As if this whole feud isn’t already childish and completely ridiculous, Trump just took it up a notch by tweeting out a racy pic of Kelly from a photo shoot she did for GQ in 2010 and called her a “bimbo.” Classy, Donald. Classy.

Trump Tweet Megyn Kelly

Honestly, I think this whole thing is ridiculous. Is this really the kind of man we want to see in the White House? A man who involves himself in Twitter feuds with TV news anchors? A man who publicly throws temper tantrums for getting criticized by the media? THAT’S POLITICS! If you’re going to be president, you better get used to being scrutinized and criticized by the media! Grow up, put on your big-boy pants and try to act like an adult because you’re running for the position of the leader of the free world for goodness sake!

I honestly hope this feud will make him drop in the polls. Ted Cruz is running a close second behind Trump and I would love to see him take the lead in this presidential race!

Tell us what do you think of Trump’s actions and the feud between Trump and Kelly/Fox News in the comments below!