The Blood Moons and the Rapture

After reading this post, several readers have asked if I believed that the occurrence of the tetrad of blood moons on the Feasts of YHVH was a signal that the rapture will happen in September 2015 or sometime this year.

Bottom line up front: NO, I do not think that the blood moons in this current cycle of tetrads is evidence or a prediction that the rapture will occur in the immediate future.

With that said, I’ve always had a hard time with the concept of the rapture because Biblically it doesn’t line up with other Scripture and there is no reference to it occurring in Revelation. Several years ago, I did some very basic research into the origins of the rapture and discovered that the concept of the rapture came from a very young girl on her deathbed in Scotland. Margaret MacDonald was a very young girl when John Darby, the founder of the Plymouth Brethern, heard of her “visions from God” and traveled to Scotland to meet her. I’ve also heard that MacDonald was very ill and on her deathbed when these “revelations from God” began to appear to her — at the height of her illness her fever was so high that she began having hallucinations. John Darby, brought back these “visions” and ideas and provided the foundation for what would become known as the pre-tribulation rapture.

Now, back to the blood moons. The occurrence of the blood moons on YHVH’s Feasts does not mean that the Second Coming of Yeshua will happen at Tabernacles 2015 (although, perhaps at a future Sukkot). But the blood moons does give us a pattern of Jewish persecution/war followed by new land/blessings for Israel.

The eclipses of the sun and the moon during this past year give us dates which we cannot deny or manipulate. But I think the most important thing is to not to get too caught up on or focused on date-setting but rather the warning YHVH is sending us. Clearly, something significant is coming that He is trying to warn and/or prepare us for, but He doesn’t want us in panic or confusion. Ultimately, what we really should be focused on is the wake-up call the Lord is giving us and on preparing for what the Bible tells us is to come so that we do not become like the foolish virgins of Matthew 25.