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Leather tool case  
, Name:Roller tool case
, Code:RTC-01-460B
, Brief:Leather/metal frame
Main specifications of Roller tool case

Product: RTC-01-460B

Exterior dimnension: 460x369x220mm
Interior dimension: 445x350x200mm

Exterior material: geniue leather, black
Interior material: anti-abrasive oxford
Weight: 7.2kg
Max. loading capacity: 25kg



Features of roller tool case
1) Removable tool panels and pallet make the tool case more flexable for different applications 2) Unique pallet tilting device makes the back scetion of the tool case more space to arrange the tools. 3) 450 foldable front panels make it easy to take the tools; side curtains to prevent the loss of tiny tools 4) Sturdy case body by integrating design between the bottom and the metal frame

5) Tool pockets combined with eleastic band to fix tools better

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